The Government lifted Plan B restrictions on 24 th February 2022. There is no longer any legal requirement for those who have tested positive to self-isolate for a week, those who have symptoms are still encouraged to obtain a PCR test. 


Hirers should follow these key principles:

1. People should stay at home if unwell.

2. Those who have recently had COVID-19 should not attend the hall until either a week has passed and they no longer have a temperature or they have two negative lateral flow tests on days 5 and 6. They should inform their close contacts and avoid contact with anyone in an at risk group. Contacts of people with COVID-19 are asked to take extra care, following general guidance on safer behaviours. Routine contact tracing ends on 24th February.

3. Let fresh air in if meeting indoors. Opening a window for ten minutes helps. (This has also been shown to reduce risk of catching other airborne diseases such as flu).

4. Continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces, especially where you may come into contact with other people you do not normally meet and when rates of transmission are high.

5. Clean your hands often, avoid touching your face, nose or eyes. “Catch it, bin it, Kill it”.

6. Maintain social distancing as far as possible from anyone you do not have regular contact with. Respect the fact that others may wish to take a more cautious approach. 7. If a more crowded event is likely to take place, eg a wedding reception with dancing, hirers can be encouraged to ask everyone to take a lateral flow test beforehand.


It is also the hirers responsibility to decide what risks you may encounter during your hire of the Village Centre and what action you need to take to minimise any risks.. It is strongly recommended that you complete a risk assessment based on your activity when using the centre. This will allow you to highlight any risks and plan to mitigate them. It is also important that the premises are left in as clean a condition as is practical for the next user.


Risks can be managed by hirers through ventilation, opening doors and windows. Encouraging use of face coverings in confined places, regular hand washing or hand sanitiser and cleaning frequently used surfaces.


Ventilation advice 

• Let fresh air into enclosed spaces, making it less likely a person will inhale infectious particles.

• Avoid meetings being held in small, poorly ventilated rooms. 

• Windows opened at the top should help avoid draughts.

• If windows and doors need to be closed for warmth during the event open them in the interval and after the event finishes for 10 minutes. To save heating costs open for short periods of time.

• Encourage people to come warmly dressed as weather gets colder.

• Do not prop fire doors open. 


Facilities Available for Hire

We have 3 separate areas, in our village centre that can be used. They can be booked as individual rooms, booked together in combination, or the entire village centre booked completely.

We reserve the right to to refuse any booking. 

Hire rates can be seen below



Main Hall & stage

Main hall dimensions are 17.5 metres long, by 8.5 metres wide and 3.6 metres high.

Capacity is for 120 people seated.

At one end of the main hall is the;

Stage which measures 6.4 metres wide, by 4.4 metres deep, & 2.7 metres high.

The floor is a sprung wooden floor suitable for dancing and sport. There is a modern, efficient electric heating system located in the suspended acoustic ceiling. Along with air sweep fans in the ceiling than can be used to for cooling or assisting the heating system.

At the back of the main hall are storage areas including the main chair & table store. We have 120 upholstered chairs and both long rectangular tables (seating 6 - 8) and small square tables (seating 4).

The main hall lights are dimable.

The stage has its own lighting system that can be used by hirers if requested.

There is also a sound system in the main hall that can be used by hirers if requested.

The hall is used for events such as children’s birthday parties (small bouncy castles will fit), dance and fitness classes, theatre and musical performances, church services, fairs, flower shows and fete type events and sports.

The main hall has access to the main kitchen, including via serving hatchways.


Fletcher room

Fletcher room dimensions are 7.5 metres long, by 5.8 metres wide and 2.2 metres high. Seating capacity is 35 people.

It has a carpeted floor, and access to the main kitchen.

The fletcher room is used for large committee events, children’s parties (or used as well as the main hall as the eating area at children’s parties), coffee club and by craft classes. Also used as an additional room, to the main hall, for the larger fetes & fair type events.

Viewing room

The viewing room dimensions are 3.2 metres wide, by 6 metres long by 2.2 metres high. Seating capacity is 15 people.

It has its own galley kitchen, and double doors that open out onto the playing fields.

The seating in this area is on blue plastic chairs.

This is used for smaller committee bookings, as a refreshment area for events taking place out on the playing fields, and as a dressing room area for stage bookings.

Main Kitchen

Refurbished Jan 2019.

Our kitchen has a double sink/drainer, 2 fan ovens, 2 hobs, large fridge /freezer and a commercial dishwasher.

We have crockery and cutlery and glassware for 120 people. There is a bar/serving area opening to the main hall.

Foyer Area

In this area there are the coat racks, and access to the toilets, including facilities for the disabled and baby changing.


Changing rooms

At the far end of the building we do have 2 large changing rooms, which can be used for changing for outside sport events.


Car Park

The car park capacity is approx. 30 cars, including 2 disabled parking bays.



Steps to Main Door, also ramp for wheelchair users



The village centre is located next to children’s play areas, with swings & climbing frames etc. also a large public playing field, and a multipurpose play court.




Shipton Bellinger Village Centre, Parkhouse Road, Shipton Bellinger, SP9 7TL

Hire Rates

Village Centre Hiring Rates (updated May 2016)



Main Hall


Per hour

Fletcher room


Per hour

Main Hall & Fletcher room

Per hour

Viewing room


Per hour

Changing rooms


Per session

Village clubs & societies

(trustee members)






Village clubs & societies

(non – trustees)






Private/party use

village residents






Private /party use

non village residents






Commercial use








Hiring of the Main hall includes use of the foyer area, toilets, stage area and main kitchen.

Hiring of the Fletcher room includes use of the main kitchen, & Fletcher room toilet.

Hiring of the Viewing room includes use of the small kitchen and access to Fletcher room toilet.

Please enquire if wishing to hire all 3 rooms.

Discounts are available for regular users paying 3 monthly in advance.

Surcharges will be applied for damage caused (excluding general wear & tear), extra cleaning (if required), and for lights (£5 per light), heaters (£10 per heater), taps left on (£20 per tap), or external door left unlocked (£50), keys lost (£50), to the last known user of the building, at the discretion of the management committee

Please read & follow instructions on exit check list, (by the light switches), at the end of hiring session.

We are located at:

Shipton Bellinger Village Centre

Parkhouse Road,

Shipton Bellinger



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